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With its first steps in 2009, Arcologia Architect is now growing rapidly to be one of the new developing architectural consultants in Surabaya.

Up until recently, Arcologia Architect has been working in the architectural designs of residential houses, office building, and commercial designs in Indonesia.

Arcologia Architect is a team of young and bright architects with green vision who aim to support sustainable architecture to be implemented even more substantially in Indonesia`s architecture world.

The word Arcologia itself derived from 2 english words : architecture & ecology. Which can explain to itself the basic ideas and the vision of this architectural consultant firm - in short words : creating more awareness of comprehensive and green - ecological architecture in Indonesia, particularly and starting from Surabaya city.

Defining architecture as a dynamic process, Arcologia Architect always try to see each project as a challenge to interpret ideas and design from the earliest stage of design. Every client has his/her own character, and thus each and every project has its own 'specialties' to be defined into design. Those uniqueness and characters are the main ingredients for us to design.

Through the design and build stages, we are aware that design is dynamic, flexible, not a static and stiff decisions made by the ultimate architect only. Arcologia Architect makes sure that the architect can facilitate the elaborate ideas and thoughts of clients and also the contractors as the builder , into
a real and cohesive building that could satisfy its users - in the performance of every building systems ( envelope, interior, mechanical, and structural system ).

We are proud to say that our architectural design is personal. When masterpiece gets personal, meet us, Arcologia Architect.
PM us on 0812 1717 8811 or email us at info@arcologia.com